High-profile property developer, Richard Gu, puts roots down in the mining industry

AXF Group has been providing high quality services since 2005. Since then, Managing Director and Founder, Richard Gu has established a new company; AXF Resources.

This newly established company, being in the mining industry, has three projects nationally and internationally.

Within the Australia at Mt Anderson, WA, there is an iron ore project and at Richmond, QLD, a vanadium project is being undertaken.

Outside of Australia, crossing international waters, there is a gold mining project at Gold Ridge on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands that is underway.

AXF Resources pursues premium mineral investment and exploration opportunities. They have great pride in this fact.

AXF Group also has roots in other industries which divide into three subdivisions: AXF property, AXF Interiors and AXF Entertainment.

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