Richard Gu – The Man Who Has Come A Long Way

Richard Gu, Chinese entrepreneur in Australia and our managing director, is one of the youngest and most innovative property investors in the high-end real-estate market in Melbourne. 

Born in Shanghai to the self-made property tycoon Qi Liang Gu, Richard always looks up to his father modestly. On commenting his success in Australia, he once said, “My first fortune as an entrepreneur in Australia was due to my father’s investment.” He shows gratitude, like the Chinese proverb says, “when you drink water, think of its source.” 

Richard graduated from York University in the UK with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance. He never stops learning, currently, he is studying an Executive MBA at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (China) to advance his knowledge of international business, economic trends. 

He is a well-travelled forward thinker. With his vision and insights, he scooped an Australian China Business Award. He is ambitious to lead the way for the new generation of property entrepreneurs. 

In 2005, he founded the AXF Group. Attracted to Melbourne as a place of opportunities and a city ideal to bring up a family, Richard has been residing in Melbourne for a decade. The Group has been a testimony to his entrepreneurial foresight and pioneering vision. 

He observes that the pace of growth in the Australian market draws Asian companies to expand their business in the country. He shares, “There’s a lot of Asian migration. It’s moving very fast, it’s multicultural, and governments are transparent and open and not against people coming in to invest” 

Over the last fifteen years, he drives the AXF Group forward in numerous projects. The Group has interests in several industries and groups, and has completed several residential projects already, in suburban Melbourne. 

It is his project, a 34-level, $270 million residential tower in the heart of the Box Hill metropolis which brought him to fame. To be known as Sovereign Square, it was a fusion of the best of modern Asian influences and our loved Australian way of living. It was planned to bring a new style of ‘vertical village’ living to Melbourne’s suburbs. 

“We are curators of inspired living and are focused on developing unique and inspired places to live, work and play,” says the entrepreneur. 

The AXF Group is intent on developing imminently livable buildings that will allow the residents more time to enjoy life, by commencing with the detail selection of a location, to the incorporation of leading-edge smart home technology and community connectivity. 

“Buildings make neighborhoods and people make communities. We are very focused on the individual wellbeing and connectivity of our residents,” says Richard.

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