Richard Gu: The Property Tycoon Who Transforms Luxury Residences into Opulent Masterpieces

Chinese businessman and real estate prodigy, Richard Gu, has again set the bar unbelievably high, with his latest projects, for anyone daring enough to achieve the heights of greatness he has accomplished. From Melbourne to Sydney, the high-profile property developer has demonstrated his innovative, entrepreneurial acumen.   

Imperial at Doncaster – a 10 storey high sensation consisting of 93 apartment complexes. Mixing the advancements in technology whilst still staying in touch with the natural side of life.

Sovereign Square Box Hill – a vertical village that puts the life back into stone. This complex boost technology with a refined, modern finish.

Eynesbury – a natural beauty. Consisting of 4,500 homes this development aims to leave the way for a greener future. It’s doing this by using recycled water to reduce its carbon footprint.

AXF Holdings is more than just producing beautifully crafted residences, it’s about giving communities a place to call home.  

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